Mike Patton Zu Quartet

“(PR) Zu & Mike Patton have teamed up for a string of European dates. ZU represent something unique in the Italian independent scene, a band that built a strong fan base worldwide thanks to an uncompromising sound and more than 1000 gigs in nearly 10 years.

Their sound is an unique mixture of jazz improvisation, noise, hardcore attitude and extreme metal and in their career they released records and shared stage with artists like: The Melvins, The Ex, Dalek, Peter Brotzmann, Hamid Drake, Alvin Curran, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, The Thing, Amy Denio, Damo Suzuki, Eugene Chadbourne, Geoff Farina & many more.

This time ZU have a very special partner on stage: Mike Patton an artist who simply changed todays’ music, from his earliest works with Faith No More to the experiences with Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk & Peeping Tom.

ZU and Mike Patton already toured together when the Roman band opened for the Melvins/Fantomas world tour and made a special appearance in 2006 in Ceanada, at the Victoriaville festival, a prelude to great future projects.“

ZU / Mike Patton Quartet
live in prague 2008

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