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It has been said that Stian Westerhus has little or no respect for his guitar, but it can surely be argued that he has no respect for music in general.
Stian (b.1979) has been at the tip of the spear of his generation for the last ten years pushing the boundaries with his guitar. Intimately played, like a part of his own body, Stian?s expressive playing breaks down the barriers of the electric guitar and bends music, whether it is on his own as a solo performer or with others.

Stian has performed with a wide range of artists. From Supersilent and John Paul Jones, Mats Gustafsson and Fire!, Arve Henriksen and many more, to Ulver, Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist and Nils Petter Molvę²® And not to mention his own projects such as Puma, Monolithic, Pale Horses and others.

Stian has also written comissioned works for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia and South Netherland?s Philarmonic Orchestra as well as numerous pieces for modern dance and several comssioned concerts with Pale Horses.
Stian Westerhus also records, mixes and produces records and works out of his own studio in Oslo, Norway.

Stian Westerhus has released three solo albums on Norwegian label Rune Grammofon, and a new album is in the making.
Stian also plays duo with Norwegian singer Sidsel Endresen, and the duo has released two albums on Rune Grammofon.

Here's a player that can snuggle as comfortably with the improv crowd as he can with the likes of Haino and Kurihara. (...) he can sound more machine than man - as on "Music For Leaving", in which he webs sandblasted misshapes into a rhythmic weave as intricately baffling as anything by Autechre. On "The Antagonist" he sounds as though he?s triple-tonguing. His guitar. How? But the pursuit of new sound is more about finding expressive possibilities than an end in itself: when he rips it in the upper register, his instrument sings, piercing through the murk like moonlight on the fens.
The Wire (UK)

There's little in the canon of solo guitar that can prepare or set precedence for Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus and Pitch Black Star Spangled, an album that utterly redefines the concept of solo recording. .
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